A strong network of over 100 different private placement and special situation deal flow contacts cultivated since 1992 provides Gemini with access to over 800 deals a year, from which we select what we perceive to be the best 40

  • Bulge Bracket Investment Banks
  • Regional Investment Banks
  • Boutique Investment Banks
  • Deal brokers
  • Investor relations firms
  • Other deal flow providers

Sophisticated techniques extract value in the pre-and post-closing management of the investment

  • In-house legal team originate and structure documents with many embedded options and downside protections
  • Proven negotiating capabilities have led to immense added value: e.g., resets on conversion prices, additional warrants, etc.

We offer deep experience in the trading of derivative securities and hedging portfolio positions

Our ability to identify “future assets”of an issuer can yield significant portfolio benefits

  • Options to purchase various environmental credit assets as a collateral benefit to the original investment
  • Options to purchase revenue streams on oil and gas properties

We blend investment banking and derivative expertise to structure favorable opportunities

  • Create customized investing and financing solutions
  • Structure around equity catalysts to maximize potential for gains
  • Utilize otherwise ignored assets (e.g., concentrated receivables, real estate)
Steve Winters
Founder and Managing Partner
Peter Weisman, JD
Managing Director and General Counsel